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Photographs are in chronological order, most recent works on the top.  Click on an image to view it larger.  These photos are copyrighted by the photographers who took them, and myself!  To buy photo prints or shoot, click on Shop above, or E-mail me.  I accept trade (TFP) work only for select projects that interest me & benefit my portfolio.  Otherwise, my rate is $40 / hr.  No nudes.


Height: 5'7"   Weight: 115 lbs   Bust: 34"   Waist: 26"   Hips: 37"   Dress: 4   Shoe: 9


Geo has worked behind the scenes doing set design, props, and still photography on several films including "Headline News", "House of the Degenerate Brain-Eating Mutant Fog Insects", and most recently acting in the short film "GODBOX" which you can view here:

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